Design for Theater


Design for Theater

Scenic artist Stacey Ransom and costume designer Tiersa Nureyev will lead this exciting new workshop for young people interested in behind-the-scenes theater magic.

The broad, scalable curriculum is a perfect introduction for students new to theater, as well as for students who have performed on stage and have an understanding of “life backstage.” We will immerse students in hands-on learning that will illuminate the design theories of costume design, set design, key props, lighting design, and sound design, which will provide a solid foundation for any student interested in production design for theater.

Students will learn the vocabulary of Technical Theater, how to breakdown a script to find the “clues” so they can craft their stage and costume designs, and they will learn to create dynamic mood boards to express color, emotion, and style. Each student will create a miniature stage box with movable parts, and they will create scale “actors” with changeable costumes to go inside their stage box. Students will learn to make a durable, one-of-a-kind prop that will relate to their personal stage box design.

Class will be taught live online with teachers skilled in providing one-on-one guidance, creating interaction with the peer group, and also fostering each student’s individual creative expression. Distance learning is an opportunity for students to learn to create in their own way, in their own space.

Additionally, each student will receive a fantastic selection of art supplies, hand-selected by the artist mentors that will cover all the project needs. Many of these tools will last for years to come.

Most important, the design theories will open the creative minds of any student interested in theater design, and the technical art skills, and practical problem solving skills will enable any student to approach “making things” with confidence.